Gift Certificates

Gift Registry
We want to work with you to make your holiday season as well as birthday the easiest possible, and that includes offering YOU the service of a gift registry. Just email your wish list and the email addresses of those who you'd like us to "drop the hint" to and we'll do the rest ( We can even offer gift wrapping for those who need that service. Just ask us! We're here to help! Hint: you can even print off this paragraph and post it on the fridge! We're happy to keep these on file year round as well.

Gift Certificates!
This is the best way to get the scrapbooker on your list just what she wants. This is how it works: Decide how much of a gift certificate you'd like to purchase and make sure you have the recipient's information (if they aren't already an R&R Customer). We'll need their name, shipping address, phone # and email address. Either email, fax or phone in the information and we'll call you for your credit card #. (Ph. & Fax: 780-489-6713). Then we'll provide you with a redemption code that you can write in a card or, if you prefer, we can email them a notification advising them that they have a gift certificate here. The best part of this is that it takes next to no preparation, is available in any denomination, and there is nothing to lose or expire and it's used just like cash. Good for sale, clearance, regular items as well as shipping costs.

*Keep in mind that this is available year round, for birthdays, anniversaries, ticket out of the dog house - You name it! (Another really good print-it-off-and-put-it-on-the-fridge item!)

To Print off a gift certificate click here