We're pleased to be able to offer a great new service and product to our valued customers!

Effective immediately we'll be using Canada Post's Electronic Shipping tools software, it will allow us to offer a better shipping service to you. When your package ships you'll get an email notification from Canada post that will allow you to track your package with the emailed link!

Additionally we can elect a choice of 3 free options for you:

- card for pick up
- do not safe drop
- leave at door - do not card

Now when placing your order please advise which one of these options best suits your shipping needs!
We can put this as a note on your acct and ship all your packages that way!

After careful consideration and looking at many many instances we've come up with a great and equitible offer.

In most cases this will also be less expensive for you. And in some cases you'll get free shipping entirely!!!
What we're offering is a 3% shipping rebate programme. This will replace all other shipping rates & programmes.

On your invoice you'll see the actual shipping rate as well as your discount. You'll also benefit from our commercial rates!
For example a $150.00 order will receive back $4.50 in shipping credit up to the maximum of free shipping. If the actual commercial cost is $8.50 you're only paying $4 shipping! An instance that there may be higher shipping is that if the parcel is bulky and low in dollar value.

We still have no minimum order, all our shipments are insured and will endeavour to ship the most compact box as possible while ensuring that the safety of your items is first and foremost. If you suspect that your shipment will be very large or are at all concerned about the cost of shipping we encourage you to indicate a maximum amount that you'd be willing to pay, for example with your order you say to a maximum of $12 shipping. as long as it's under that we'll go ahead and ship, if it's over that we'll let you know first and you can decide.

We're convinced that you'll love this new programme!

Thanks and Have a great day!
Rhea Wilson