Placing an Order

When placing and order please include your Full Name, your address, City, province, postal code, phone #(Canada post requires this for delivery confirmation) please provide both day and evening. and your email address.

We don't have a shopping cart, our experience with shopping carts is they crash after taking a long time to carefully load up. So just go through the site and compile an order manually or in an email. Then you can email the order in to, Please put your order into Point Form.

You also can simply jot down your list and take a photo of it with your device and email it to me !

  • There is no need to total the order for us, but you may if you like it for your own purposes. We welcome orders as attachments, we can accept any wordprocessor or spreadsheet formatting! Phone orders are Welcome! If we're busy with customers in store we may need to call you back.  
  • We will reply to your emailed order confirming it's safe arrival here.  PLEASE if you do not hear back that your order has been received follow up with a phone call, technology is not perfect (neither are we) but we do work hard to serve you to the best of our abilites. 
  • Subsequent orders are much easier. All the info that we need is your first and last name and your city as well as method of payment preferred. And also mention if there are any items you don't want your order shipped without.

    Orders will not be pulled or processed until all billing and shipping information is received.

    ***** VERY IMPORTANT*****
    Prices are Posted when we first receive in an item, we cannot update the website price with each subsequent stocking.  Each item is priced based on our fair markup on the day we get it in. 
    There may be substantial differences in prices between what is posted and what is on the price sticker due to changes in our cost, especially for older items prior to the significant fall in the Canadian Dollar . 
    Feel free to call Rhea in the store with any questions regarding pricing.

  • Our Website should be thought of as a catalogue, a sampling of our offerings.

  • Live inventory would require someone full time just doing that.
  • I do use "horse sense" and will not ship your order if too much is missing... more than likely I'll give you a call. 
  • That's why its important to provide both day and evening phone numbers...
  • I generally have a very high fill rate (>95%).
  • We welcome you to indicate if there is something that you do not want your order shipped without, and I will certainly check that item first.


  • Additionally please keep in mind that we too are backordered from our suppliers and that although we order something it may be beyond our control.